Fiber Tour FAQ

What is included in the program fee?

The program fee of $1,925  per person includes:

Workshops: All instruction fees, fiber materials, dyes, and a hand-crafted wooden spindle.

Entry and tour fees.

Transportation to all activities from designated pickup points. Transportation from bus and train stations on arrival day is also available, see Getting to Vermont.

Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival: choice of workshops, workshop materials, and entry fee.

Meals: 5 lunches; 7 dinners.

Accommodation (optional) is an additional: $245 – $840.

Do I have to be an experienced spinner or knitter?

Spinning Workshop

The spinning workshop is designed to get you started with hand spindle (drop-spindle) spinning. Prior experience is not required. If you do have experience with spinning you will be able to practice during class and get some more advanced tips from our instructor to help refine your technique.

Knitting Workshop

Basic knitting skills are required for the color-work design class. Participants should be confident casting on, binding off, knitting and purling, and performing common increases and decreases.

Because we’ll be working with multiple colors, you might also want to practice your two-color knitting technique. This tutorial on two-color knitting from VeryPink shows an efficient way to work with two yarns at once. The other VeryPink video tutorials provide an excellent review of basic skills.

Can couples or friends-traveling-together participate?

Yes.  You’ll select one of the housing options, and the cost of the room will be shared for two people (note that the private cabin offers the opportunity to sleep separately; the B&Bs have one queen-sized bed per room).

If you are traveling with a companion who is not participating in our program, we may be able to accommodate this but please contact us before registering so we can work out the details regarding meals, etc.

What is included in the meal plan?

Breakfast is included with the cost of any of our housing options.

Lunch will be provided Monday through Friday, with Saturday at the VT Sheep & Wool Festival on your own. There will be food trucks with a variety of options to choose from.

Dinner is provided on every evening from Sunday through Saturday (Sunday is arrival day with check-in and a group dinner in the evening).

Alcohol, snacks, and between-meal drinks are not included. We suggest bringing a water bottle or your favorite bottled beverages with you during the day. Alcohol will be available for purchase during dinner.

What meal options will be available?

In keeping with the theme of the tour, our meals will feature healthy, balanced options and incorporate local Vermont products whenever possible. Standard dietary preferences such as vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options will be available on request. We will send a detailed survey to all registered participants a few weeks before the program to better understand your needs.

If you have a severe food allergy or dietary medical condition please contact us before registering so that we can discuss options for your participation.

What should I bring?

Workshop Supplies

Rubber gloves for the dye class.
Knitting needles for the color-work class (details will be provided to registered participants).

Optional – Extra Cash

•  Purchase extra fiber, kits, and other items from the studios and farms on our tour.
•  Purchase alcohol at dinner.
•  Shop at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.


Vermont weather can vary widely in the fall. Dress in layers to accommodate shifting temperatures throughout the day, and bring adequate clothes for cold days, as well as appropriate rain gear.  Bring sturdy shoes for walking during tours, and standing during some activities.

Drinks & Snacks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided in your program and housing fees. We suggest you bring a water bottle and/or preferred bottled beverages to have with you during the day, and snacks for between meals.

Sun Protection and Bug Repellant

Some of our tours and activities will take place outside, including our hike and picnic day. Be prepared with sun glasses, hat, windbreaker, and anything else to help you feel comfortable outdoors.

Camera, Sketchbook, Knitting, etc.

We will have downtime between activities on some days, and on the hike day you’ll be able to set your own pace. At these times you decide whether you want to explore the area, relax and rest, work on your latest knitting or spinning project, or take photos or draw in your sketch book.

What kind of transportation is provided?

Our passenger van will be driven by your tour guide, Sarah, to each destination daily. The van will pick up from each of our three housing sites every morning and drop off after dinner.

We can also provide transportation to and from the train or bus stations. See our guide, Getting to Vermont for more detail.

How about internet and cell phone connectivity?

Vermont is rural and cell phone reception varies widely due to our mountainous terrain. Several of our activities will take place in locations with little or no service, so you should not expect to have consistent connectivity during the day. Both of the B&B locations do provide free wifi access to guests, but data-heavy activities such as video calls or viewing may be limited.

Think of your week in the beautiful Green Mountains as a vacation from the hectic demands of your digital life. This is a time to unplug, relax, and focus on creativity and inspiration.

What is a Fibershed?

Similar to the concept of a Watershed, a Fibershed is the agri- / eco-system impacted by the production of textiles and related processes, including raising of fiber animals, fiber-producing plants, dye materials, and water use.

The concept has been recently popularized by Rebecca Burgess, a master dyer and fiber artist living in northern California. The Fibershed movement takes a holistic approach to raising the raw materials and producing textiles while improving the soil and managing water responsibly. Think of it as “slow food” for clothing.

In our fiber tour, we focus on the Vermont Fibershed, and the people involved in raising the animals, processing the yarn, and creating the textiles that reflect a commitment to sustainable practices that not only preserve but improve the soil and protect our natural resources.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

We understand the unexpected happens sometimes. Registered participants who cancel by September 1, 2017 will receive a refund (less the $250 deposit), provided their space can be filled from our waiting list.

NO REFUNDS will be given after September 1 for any reason. Participants are encouraged to purchase travel insurance to cover the cost of the event, in case they are unable to attend.